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1.Association of graduates of the “EurAsia” Business School” (hereinafter — the Association) is a structural unit of the “EurAsia” Business School”.

  1. The Association was established and operates in accordance with the Charter of the “EurAsia” Business School” and this Regulation, on the basis of voluntariness, self-government, legality and publicity.
  2. The association is not a legal entity. All activities of the Association are carried out through the “EurAsia” Business School”.
  3. The term of activity of the Association is not limited.
  4. The Alumni Association of the “EurAsia” Business School” is in close relationship with the Alumni Association of the Swiss Business School — SBS (Swiss Business School).
  6. The Association aims to promote:

— development and strengthening of relations of the “EurAsia” Business School” with graduates of different generations;

— to promote the spiritual, moral education and physical development of graduates of the “EurAsia” Business School”;

— to unite the efforts of members of the Association in strengthening the material and technical base of the “School of Business“ EurAsia ”;

— determining the development prospects of the specialty of the “EurAsia Business Schools” taking into account the requirements of a market economy;

— professional growth of the Association members;

— establishment of creative relations with similar subdivisions (unities) of institutes from far and near abroad;

  1. To achieve its goals, the Association has the following objectives:

— organization and maintenance of information exchange between members of the Association — graduates of different generations in the areas of their professional activities;

— providing organizational and methodological assistance, aiding the professional development of graduates (professional development courses, master’s and doctoral studies);

— using the scientific potential of the institute, in solving scientific, practical and other problems of enterprise, where the members of the Associations work;

— provision of consulting and marketing services, on a paid basis, in all areas of activity of the “Eurasia Business School”;

— recommendation of the implementation of the best practices of the Association members in the educational process;

— propaganda of professional achievements of members of the Association;

— maintenance and strengthening of educational, scientific and industrial relations with the enterprises where the members of the Association work;

— organization and holding of anniversary meetings of graduates of different generations;

— attracting graduates of the next graduation to the Association;

— Charitable activities;

— The organization of release of bulletins of Association on a specialty;

— rendering assistance to members of the Association during elections to the authorities;

— Organization of annual invitations, to participate in the work of the Association, of its members from other countries.

  2. Members of the Association can be graduates and teachers of the “EurAsia” Business School”, who recognize this Regulation, take part in the activities of the Association and pay membership dues.
  3. Members of the Association have the right to:

— be prioritized, ceteris paribus, in all types of professional trainings, carried out by the “EurAsia” Business School”;

— be assigned the academic title of professor of the “EurAsia” Business School”;

— provide sponsorship assistance to the “EurAsia” Business School” to strengthen its material and technical base;

— participate in all its activities;

— receive any information available within the Association;

— to introduce and discuss any issues related to the activities of the Association;

— elect and be elected to the Council of the Association;

— place on a paid basis on the website of the “School of Business“ EurAsia ”an advertisement about the activities of firms, enterprises, scientific, inventive in nature;

— publish articles, promotional materials in the scientific compilations of the “EurAsia” Business School”;

— to participate in competitions for research grants;


— seek ways and methods to provide sponsorship;

— take part in the activities of the Council and Association meetings.

  2. The following principles are the basis of the organizational structure of the Association: election of governing bodies, accountability to members of the Association, collegiality in decision making.
  3. The supreme body of the Association is the general meeting of the members of the Association.
  4. A general meeting is held as necessary, but at least once a year.
  5. The exclusive competence of the general meeting includes:

— adoption and amendment of the Regulations;

— definition of the main activities;

— election of the Council of the Association;

— termination of the Association.

  1. The operational management body is the Council of the Association.
  2. The Council of the Association is elected at the general meeting of the members of the Association by open vote, by a simple majority.
  3. The Association Council includes:

— representatives of the administration of the “EurAsia” Business School”;

— one representative from each group of graduates of the “EurAsia” Business School”;

— members of the Association who have achieved high professional success.

  1. The President of the Association is Sadvakasova Aigul Baginbaevna. She also leads the work of the Council of the Association.
  2. For the operational management of the Association Council, a three-year chairman is elected at the meeting of the Council.